ERA’s picks of the week

A selection of hand picked resources for BTEC, GCSE and A Level chosen by the ERA team. These are updated regularly with the best resources for teaching and learning across a broad range of subjects.

Stephen Hawking on Black Holes

Radio Resource

A BBC 4 video which links to A level physics where Stephen Hawking discusses his theory of black holes. Good for the beginning of an A level physics class to give some context to the continuing debate, and little-known subject, of black holes.

History of French Cinema

Radio Resource 

A radio show discussing the history of music for French cinema. A good task to set as listening homework for Music or Film studies students to gain broader knowledge of the origins of figures such as Auguste and Louis Lumière.


Video Resource 

A short video clip for Chemistry GCSE demonstrating how to electroplate a copper coin and explaining the theory behind what happens at each electrode. This is a useful clip to watch before students embark on their electrolysis practical and to set to watch at home when students don’t have access to the lab.

Barbara Hepworth's Sculptures

Film Resource 

A 30 min documentary showing how the landscape of Cornwall influenced Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures. Being able to see the artistic process and context behind Hepworth’s work enables students to gain an insight into her life and the woman behind the stone. Great for A Level Art History or Fine Art students exploring the artistic process and the art of modern sculpture.

Animal Stress

Video Resource 

A comprehensive document and video which links to Pearson BTEC Animal Care specifically topic B.1 “Why animals display abnormal behaviours.” Here vets discuss rabbit stress; what causes it and how to deal with it. Great for pre-class reading.


Video Resource 

Short class clips which explore both familial and sexual relationships and their effect on the individual. Suitable for PSHE and Citizenship at GCSE as well as Sociology, these clips are great at starting a discussion in class about topics ranging from abusive relationships to peer pressure.