Dr Ian Turner, Associate Professor in Learning and Teaching at the University of Derby, talks to ERA about how turning the sound down can actually help to improve communication.

10 months ago •

Using video clips with HE students

Dr Anna Goatman, (Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester) talks about using audio visual clips for teaching.

10 months ago

Using TV to teach the Weather

Are you studying the Weather with your Primary pupils this term? Have you thought of using real-life Weather forecasts in your lessons?

10 months ago

Using clips in lessons at Primary level

A group of Year 6 pupils tell us why they find watching clips so useful, and how clips can make lessons more enjoyable.

10 months ago

University of Newcastle’s School of Law

Gowns and wigs are still the order of the day for many lawyers practising in our courts and the image of the law is that of conformity to tradition - but students no longer need to fear that studying the law will mean years of poring over dusty tomes. Bronwen Jones is a lecturer at the University of Newcastle's School of Law. She wants to show her students that the law is something that people can feel passionately about in the modern world - though it may be rooted in the past. And she wants to make their learning experience stimulating and relevant to 21st century issues.

10 months ago

TV Production at the University of Bedfordshire

With a state of the art studio used by the BBC, students on the TV production course at the University of Bedfordshire couldn’t be better resourced for a career in broadcasting.

10 months ago

Tudor Hall School English Department

As part of ERA’s work to make it easier for schools and colleges to make the most of their ERA Licence, we have come to agreements with a number of third party organisations. These organisations operate approved exchange services which teachers can access directly in the classroom.  ERA licensees who choose to use these services can then search for copies or clips of programmes for use in lessons.

10 months ago