Key Stage 1 Video Resources

Explore our collection of clips from the very best CBBC, CBeebies and BBC programmes, specially selected for teaching across the KS1 primary curriculum.

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Watch and listen to fairy stories and traditional tales told through a mixture of live action and animation.

Develop a motivation to read in your Key Stage 1 classroom by watching popular programmes from CBeebies that help your pupils become familiar with a range of traditional tales and fairy stories.

Join the Brain Freeze team as they explore the big questions in the world of science.

With Science programmes such as Brain Freeze and Nina and the Neurons available on the Video Streaming Platform, you can feed and nurture those curious minds in the KS1 classroom. Use these clips to encourage your pupils to raise their own questions about the world around them.

Travel around the world with Little Human Planet and meet children in countries all over the globe.

These heart-warming clips are a great introduction to geography for your KS1 pupils and offer an insight into different homes, environments and ways of life in places across the globe.

Reinforce number recognition and practise problem-solving skills.

Learn 1 to 10 with The Numtums, who introduce number recognition and counting through fun sing-along songs, or practise problem-solving skills with Numberjacks – animated numbers who look at maths problems in the real world.

Take a light-hearted look at languages with The Lingo Show.

Join Lingo and his family of bugs to learn new words in Mandarin, French and Spanish.