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Resources for Science teachers

Calling all Science teachers! The Educational Recording Agency’s Video Streaming Platform is the perfect place to find engaging clips from the best BBC programmes for use in your Science lessons.


There are hundreds of awe-inspiring video resources available for free, carefully linked to the secondary Science curriculum to make it even easier to find what you need.

Curriculum-aligned resources

Our Biology playlist features the best BBC clips covering a range of curriculum objectives at KS3 and KS4, including: Structure and Functions of Living Organisms, Interactions and Interdependencies, Material Cycles and Energy, and Genetics and Evolution.

Full-length programmes

A selection of fantastic full-length BBC science programmes have also just been added to our Video Streaming Platform, allowing you to access broadcasts such as Galapagos, Bang Goes The Theory, and Dog Tales and Cat Tales.


Discover how video clips can support your Science teaching, or to start browsing the vast collection of video resources straightaway, visit the Science homepage.

Video resources for Science teachers

ERA’s educational resources are free at the point of use for registered users and only available to institutions holding an ERA Licence. For any queries please call 020 7837 3222 or email