Purple Day: Audio-Visual Materials for Teaching About Epilepsy

For Purple Day, we are here to debunk some common myths about epilepsy, including some resources to help teach about it!

1 month ago •

Is Monty Python the Problem?

Hannah Gosling, MA student at Leeds Trinity University, talks to ERA about her passion for history… and why broadcast media plays a crucial part in lifelong learning.

3 months ago

TV Adaptations: Bringing Classics Into the 21st Century?

Well all love a good film, but when it comes to book-to-screen adaptations, TV is beginning to take centre stage. This means longer run times and a more detailed plot - but are these shows making our favourite texts more accessible, or is the message getting lost in translation? 

3 months ago

The Long Song – a celebration of resilience and pride

The study of slavery incorporates the past and present and there is a range of broadcast resources to delve deeper into this dark history that is still relevant to society today, around the world.

4 months ago

Louis Theroux raises questions on quality of life and dignity in death

The investigative journalist takes a look at voluntary suicide in this tactful and touching documentary, meeting people who face a difficult decision. This hour-long examination of three real-life cases can be used to support Religious Studies and Philosophy lessons on the topic of euthanasia.

4 months ago

Fiction over Fact? How popular culture can be a great tool for generating discussion in the classroom

Documentaries have been the kings of educational broadcasts for as long as many can remember – but is it time that we start taking note of how mainstream TV and film can help to engage students with learning?

4 months ago

‘Tomorrow’s World’ returns for an outing – but is today’s world moving too quickly to predict?

On Thursday 22 November the BBC broadcasts ‘Tomorrow’s World Live: For One Night Only.' This 90 minute programme takes a nostalgic view of the old series but also explores how the Tomorrow’s World spirit lives on today.

5 months ago