The Moon Landing at 50 – More Than Just Science

In case you haven’t seen anything about it yet, July 20th 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the day that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first set foot on the moon. If you have managed to avoid hearing about it at all, I’d be mightily impressed, because we have been treated to a huge selection of programmes on the topic over the past month.

4 months ago •

Learning on Screen Awards 2019: An Interview with Professor Kate Williams

This year’s Learning on Screen Awards guest speaker was the brilliant Professor Kate Williams, renowned historian, author, and presenter. ERA caught up with her before the ceremony to ask what inspires her passion for TV and radio.

6 months ago

Mental Health Awareness Week: What We Can All Learn from Professor Green

Earlier this year, we had the good fortune to go and see rapper Professor Green give a live HARDtalk discussion at the BBC Broadcasting Centre. There, he talked about his music, mental health and how the two often intertwine in his work.

6 months ago

Purple Day: Audio-Visual Materials for Teaching About Epilepsy

For Purple Day, we are here to debunk some common myths about epilepsy, including some resources to help teach about it!

8 months ago

Is Monty Python the Problem?

Hannah Gosling, MA student at Leeds Trinity University, talks to ERA about her passion for history… and why broadcast media plays a crucial part in lifelong learning.

10 months ago

TV Adaptations: Bringing Classics Into the 21st Century?

We all love a good film, but when it comes to book-to-screen adaptations, TV is beginning to take centre stage. This means longer run times and a more detailed plot - but are these shows making our favourite texts more accessible, or is the message getting lost in translation? 

10 months ago

The Long Song – a celebration of resilience and pride

The study of slavery incorporates the past and present and there is a range of broadcast resources to delve deeper into this dark history that is still relevant to society today, around the world.

11 months ago