SMSC Resources

Black Lives Matter

A collection of downloadable PDFs containing programmes and articles that could be useful for teaching about social justice, Black history and culture, and the Black Lives Matter Movement

British Science Week

This week's resource discusses the importance of studying science and what it can tell us about the world around us

World Book Day 2020

It's almost World Book Day! This resource for KS4 has activities matching quotes to novels as well as exploring what types of books we like.

National Careers Week - Interviews

The second of our National Careers Week resources is all about what employers expect from you in an interview - we've got practice scenarios and ways to provide feedback!

National Careers Week - Entrepreneurship

The first of our National Careers Week resources includes an exciting Dragon's Den-style competition, perfect for use in PSHE lessons!

International Women's Day

This week's resource explains why we celebrate International Women's day and discusses the types of discrimination that women face in the modern world.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

This week's resource to raise awareness of eating disorders includes extra slides and clips for PSHE lessons on the topic

Valentine's Day

The origins of Valentine's Day and the importance of healthy relationships are the topics covered in this week's resource!

LGBT History Month

We've got clips on the history of the rainbow flag and the experiences that some people had coming out in this week's PowerPoint - plus, RuPaul makes an appearance!

Online Safety

As Safer Internet Day approaches, we look at what the experts have to say about staying safe online


  • Channel: CBBC
  • Format: TV
  • Duration: 03:09

Burns Night

An animated Robert Burns reads one of his poems as we find out more about Burns Night and the poet himself


  • Channel: ITV
  • Format: Video
  • Duration: 01:02

The January Blues

What are the January blues? Paramedics Nat and Nat discuss this common feeling in a clip from BBC One programme 'Ambulance'


  • Channel: BBC One
  • Format: Video
  • Duration: 01:00