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Julius Caesar

Omnibus full version of John Bowen's adaptation of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, set in modern times with contemporary dialogue and many strong allusions to political events in the early 1970s. Caesar is the President of a coalition government in a modern political conspiracy thriller. Caesar must be assassinated If democracy is to survive and the murder must be done by honest men if chaos is not to follow - and who is more transparently honest than Mark Brutus , Minister of the Interior? He is chosen as leader and he accepts. The conspirators converge upon the Senate for a meeting where Caesar will be present. It is 13 March.


Licence: ERA Licence required

  • Type: Plays
  • Channel: BBC Two
  • Duration: 1'31'00''
  • Broadcast date: 1974

UK only
Staff and students of licensed education establishments only
Cannot be adapted

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