Upstart Crow | I Did Adore a Twinkling Star

Will Shakespeare finds himself tricked by his evil nemesis Robert Greene into writing a blood-soaked tragedy for a nobleman who only really likes romances set in exotic foreign locations. Suddenly Will needs to write a whole new play and he's all out of ideas. Meanwhile, Marlowe is taking Italian lessons from Kate, and they seem to have developed something of a soft spot for each other. He is off to Verona on a spy mission and Kate is going to miss him dreadfully. Her noisy pining for him is turning out to be pretty distracting until Will hits on a way to kill two birds with one stone - help Kate stay close to Marlowe, and get inspiration for his new play! Will, Kate and Bottom set sail for Verona. But is there a happy ending in store for anyone? And back in Stratford, is Will's suggestion of dressing up as a boy really the best way for his daughter Susannah to get close to the boy she fancies?


Licence: ERA Licence required

  • Type: Entertainment
  • Channel: BBC Two
  • Duration: 30'00''
  • Broadcast date: 2017

UK only
Staff and students of licensed education establishments only
Cannot be adapted

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