Who we are

Those of us old enough to remember the BBC’s flagship science programme ‘Tomorrow’s World’ can look back nostalgically on the vision of tomorrow that was presented by the likes of Judith Hann and Raymond Baxter.


Now the same title has been re purposed for a year-long series of new programmes and interactive digital content, the result of a collaboration between the BBC, the Science Museum Group, Wellcome, The Open University and The Royal Society.

The intention is to ask the nation three key questions:

How is your life changing?

How is our world changing?


How is our health changing?
The aim is to make science personal and relevant to people’s everyday lives. At the heart of the campaign will be a curated digital hub that is refreshed daily here
With contributions from Michael Mosley, Professor Stephen Hawking, Dr Hannah Fry and many others, the campaign involves 40- plus hours of new TV broadcasting and a range of radio programmes as well as podcasts and digital interactivity.

Already available via the BBC Microsite: The Digital Human episodes broadcast on Radio 4 and available to download indefinitely.

Just some of the treats still in store:

  • Stephen Hawking: Expedition New Earth (BBC2) Professor Stephen Hawking predicts that the human race only has one hundred years before we need to colonise another planet
  • Fixing The Future: The Great Village Green War (BBC Four), Green energy enthusiast Robert Llewellyn’s spends a year trying to persuade the residents of a Cotswolds village to generate their own power.
  • Fixing The Future: Michael Mosley Vs. The Suberbugs (BBC Four). Michael Mosley examines what can be done to combat resistance to antibiotics.

Watch out for the individual broadcasts as they are announced.