Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our frequently asked questions.  If you cannot find the answer or information you need here, please send us an email.

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What is the Educational Recording Agency?
What does ERA license?
Is the Licence a legal requirement?
What is the legal basis for the scheme?
What are the benefits of copyright and the s 35 provisions?
Are there any other licensing schemes for broadcast material not owned by ERA Members?
Who can have a licence
Who can take out an ERA Licence?
Who cannot take out an ERA Licence?
Does the Licence apply to schools outside the UK?
Can I supply recordings to students based overseas?
Who can make recordings / copies?
Terms and conditions
In general, what can I copy from the television or radio?
Can I record on-demand services?
Can I use ‘Podcasts’ under the ERA Licence?
Can I use YouTube under the ERA Licence?
Can I access foreign language broadcasts?
Can I record parts of programmes?
How can I use copies or clips of programmes?
What exclusions apply to ERA licensed resources?
Can I adapt recordings?
Who can use ERA licensed resources?
Can UK-based students borrow recordings?
Can I embed ERA recordings in PowerPoint presentations?
Can I direct students to links to watch outside of class?
How can I store recordings?
Can I make additional copies of my recordings?
Does the ERA Licence cover the copying of pre-recorded or bought DVDs?
Can I digitise my analogue recordings?
What about pre-1989 recordings?
How long can I retain recorded material?
Do recordings need to be labelled?
What do I need to include on the label?
How do I label digital recordings stored on a server?
How does ERA ensure compliance with the Licence?
What might happen to an educational establishment which uses recordings without a Licence?
Do we need to keep records for ERA?
Questions about the Licence Process
How can I find out if we have an ERA Licence?
Do I need an ERA Licence if we have a TV Licence?
How long is an ERA Licence valid?
Is it possible to obtain a short-term licence?
Is our licence automatically renewed?
How much does an ERA Licence cost?
Do I need to notify you if our student numbers change?
Can a licence fee be reimbursed?
How can I notify you of contact / address changes?
Why has my school been invoiced for ERA via CEFM?
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