Solutions to climate change with InterClimate Network

By James Streeter, Executive Chairman of InterClimate Network

Climate change is the challenge of our times. How humanity responds to this urgent threat will shape the lives of today’s schoolchildren over the course of their lives.

This means that awareness of the effects of climate change globally, and of potential solutions, is essential learning for children of all ages. This playlist includes engaging, multimedia content which provides an accessible entry point to the topic for schoolchildren in key stage 3 and 4.

InterClimate Network is a registered charity (No. 1100981) with a mission to inspire young people in the UK to become leaders and advocates for action on climate change. We do this by working collaboratively to delivery climate sustainability programmes to engage young people (primarily age 11-18) across the UK with the complexities of climate change, inspire their climate action, and promote their voices in their own sustainable future.

Visit the InterClimate Network’s website for information, resources and ideas for climate action in school.

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